Results Driven Treatment Community

Burning Tree Lodge and staff provide a results driven treatment community for those persons with alcoholism, drug abuse or a dual diagnosis.

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About our Adult Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Burning Tree Lodge, located in the Texas Hill Country outside of Austin, is a full-service residential substance abuse facility for adults. This long-term facility serves individuals from all 48 contiguous U.S. states who are experiencing dependence on one or more substances, including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs, and seeking treatment programs. The program combines a 12-Step approach with a clinical component to create a highly effective treatment program designed to break the cycle of chronic relapse.

At Burning Tree Lodge, assessment by the clinical staff can lead to a dual diagnosis of co-occurring dependence and mental health disorders. By determining if comorbidity exists, this Texas treatment resource can customize key aspects of the structured program for each client, leading to the best chance for success. Clients learn to use newly-acquired skills for changing behaviors in relation to their substance abuse, develop strategies for relapse prevention, and remain accountable to peers and addiction specialists throughout their stay. A four-year study of clients at Burning Tree revealed a success rate of 73 percent compared to a rate of only 31 percent for people who remain abstinent up to one year after completing a treatment program of 90 days or less.

Treatment for Alcoholism & Drug Abuse

Burning Tree Lodge, a treatment center for alcoholism and drug abuse, is located outside of Austin, Texas. A reputation for effective drug abuse treatment has made this resource a destination locally and regionally. Even clients from the other 47 continental United States have traveled to take advantage of a unique program with a 73 percent success rate.

Targeting the chronic relapser who makes repeated trips to short-term facilities is the mission of Burning Tree. This type of client has sought to achieve recovery at one or more alcohol rehab centers or drug treatment centers, yet has not been able to sustain that recovery long-term. In many cases, the dependence involves more than one substance, such as alcohol and prescription pills, minimizing the effectiveness of the one-size-fits-all approach available elsewhere.

Treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse at Burning Tree Lodge consists of a combination of clinical treatment in one-on-one and group settings, a structured setting of responsibility and accountability, and continuously practicing the strategies of abstinence while still under the care of addiction specialists.

Differences in Levels of Care in Rehabilitation for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Burning Tree Lodge recognizes the differences from client to client in levels of care necessary for alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation. The admissions process is designed to determine the most effective form of care for each incoming client. Once a clinical diagnosis has been made, addiction specialists can begin a tailor-made treatment that complements the structured program featuring a 12-Step Program, one-on-one and group treatment, and the development of relapse prevention strategies.

One type of client at Burning Tree Lodge is experiencing co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. Treating both aspects of a client’s life in an integrated fashion involves a high level of care. Treating a client with multiple addictions, such as alcohol and cocaine, also involves a high level of care. Yet the quantity of addictions is not the most pivotal aspect of determining a level of care.

The severity of a client’s condition is far more influential in assessing which level of care best suits them. The ability to communicate, interact and function within the structured environment at Burning Tree Lodge is essential. When one of more those areas are profoundly affected by alcoholism and drug abuse, addiction specialists provide the necessary additional support.

Importance of Getting Addiction Treatment

As the alumni of Burning Tree Lodge can attest to, addiction is a life-altering experience and seeking addiction treatment is the only way to avoid disastrous results due to alcohol and drug abuse or dependence. The short list of negative effects from lack of treatment ranges from job loss and family breakup to permanent health issues and death. Yet following successful treatment, positive outcomes by alumni have included launching new careers, securing leadership roles, and starting or rebuilding families.

Selecting the right type of treatment is a critical step in the process. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, only 31 percent of persons receiving treatment for alcohol or drug abuse up to 90 days remain abstinent one year later. Many of these individuals are unable to sustain a long-term recovery due to a lack of relapse prevention skills.

Addiction treatment designed for long-term positive results begins with understanding the nature of each case of dependence. Some clients arrive with more than one addiction. Others are experiencing a co-occurring mental health disorder. By choosing a treatment center that accurately assesses each client’s situation, and sets forth a suitable treatment plan, addiction treatment becomes the primary solution to achieving long-lasting sobriety.

More about Our Drug Rehab Center in Austin

Addiction help is available in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas at Burning Tree Lodge. As a long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, Burning Tree Lodge provides recovery solutions for the chronic relapser who has made multiple attempts at sobriety elsewhere, including Austin drug rehabs. Treatment by addiction specialists in a program based on the 12-Step principles covers virtually any type of substance abuse, including alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine and more.

Rather than establish a set amount of time, the length of stay at our long-term facility is determined by each client’s needs. Achieving milestone criteria during treatment assists addiction specialists in assessing progress by a client. Many of these professionals are in recovery themselves, having continued their commitment to help others as their vocation of choice.

As a resource for clients and families nationwide, the admissions team at Burning Tree Lodge will identify matches for the program here. At times, admissions representatives may decide a client would be better served at another facility and can recommend a reputable one.